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  • Stainless Steel Beaded Anal Hook - BDSM Gear Stainless Steel Beaded Anal Hook - BDSM Gear

    Beaded Anal Hook

    Better than your average anal hook, the Meat Hook has three stimulating balls stacked on top of each other that will massage the walls of your partners ass! A ring at the top of the hook allows you to add rope or chains to complete your BDSM scene, and every motion will send sensation into your playthings booty. The smooth, seamless material is comfortable to insert and is also non-porous for a thorough sanitization after use. Measurements: 16 inches from tip to tip, 5.5 inches insertable. 1.5 inches at widest diameter. Material: Stainless steel, aluminum. Color: Grey.


  • Tug and Plug Cock and Ball Ring with Anal Plug Tug and Plug Cock and Ball Ring with Anal Plug

    Tug and Plug Cock and Ball Ring with Anal Plug

    Enjoy a rock hard shaft and prostate stimulation with a single toy! This dual stimulating Tug and Plug Cock and Ball Ring with Anal Plug is sexy, kinky, and perfect for all experience levels. The tapered tip of the plug helps make insertion easy and the smooth, aluminum alloy glides right in with the help of some lube. The plug connects to a silicone cord. At the end of the cord is an iron ring that slips over your shaft and acts as a C-ring so you can last longer, stay harder and enjoy more even as your prostate is getting stimulated by the anal plug. The metal is also temperature sensitive so you can enjoy temperature play by warming or cooling them down using hot or cold water. All metal is nickel-free for sensitive skin. The silicone cord is made from phthalate-free, premium silicone and is body-safe. Use only with water-based or oil-based lubricants for best results. To clean, use warm water and mild soap, then rinse it off and spray with a toy cleaner before patting dry. Start with a flaccid shaft and some lube up your shaft, balls, and the ring. Slip one ball in at a time until both are through the ring. Finally, pull your shaft through by the head. Once it's over the shaft and balls you can stroke or pump to get yourself hard. Then take the plug and lubricate it and your rear entrance. Take your time and slowly push it inside. Once you've got both items in place, enjoy playing with your partner! The ring will help you last longer and the pressure on your prostate will make your final release amazingly intense! Measurements: Overall length: 11.2 inches. Cock ring inner diameter: 2 inches (50mm). Plug: 2.3 inches length, 1.5 inches diameter. Cord length: 8.5 inches. Materials: Plug: Aluminum alloy Ring: Iron Cord: Silicone Color: Metal, black Note: Use only with oil or water-based lubricants for best results. Key Features: Dual Stimulation: The aluminum alloy anal plug combined with iron cock ring offer dual stimulation for long-lasting play! Flexible Silicone Cord: The flexible cord allows for greater movement and comfort during wear. Tapered Tip: The tapered tip of the plug makes insertion easy with the addition of lubricant. Body-Safe: All metal is nickel-free and the silicone is premium and phthalate-free.



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