Core By Kink 50 feet 6mm Cotton Rope

Color: Red
Sale price$8.99


Lightweight and soft, this 6mm cotton rope with knotted ends is a bright true red that brings the sexy to even light bondage — and looks great against all skin tones. Photographs beautifully too! Natural-fiber cotton has enough tooth/friction for both simple ties and advanced Shibari creations; it's also a great alternative for those allergic to hemp or jute. The 50-ft. length can easily be cut into two 25-ft. pieces, one of the most popular lengths used by masters of both Shibari and Western-style bondage. Strand-dyed for a more even overall color than batch-dying.

Note: Not rated for suspension bondage.

Pro Tip: Keep a pair of EMT shears handy while tying in case a quick release is needed.

• Lightweight, soft and easy to use
• Washable (air-dry recommended)
• Twisted construction
• True 6mm diameter
• Strand-dyed Material: Cotton Dimensions: 6mm diameter;
• 50 ft. length
 Color: Red or Black

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