Dorcel Deep Explorer Flexible Egg Vibrator

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The Deep Explorer is a new generation of sex toy. Dorcel has designed this one to allow you a deeper exploration.

With a total length of 13.8 inches, take advantage of its flexible 360° rod to push the limits of pleasure, and discover new sensations.

The shaft of the stimulator is ultra flexible, you can turn it in any direction. All positions are therefore possible.

The tip has a warhead shape, and facilitates penetration. The warhead, 1.85 inches long, has a diameter of 1.4 inches.

You will find all kinds of use for this stimulator:

  • Vibrating Egg
  • Anal and prostate stimulator
  • Vaginal stimulator
  • Clitoral stimulator

Ultra versatile, it will meet all your sexual desires and needs of the moment. Dorcel offers you a real innovation with this versatile sexual stimulator!


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