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Couple Games

  • Zeus Twilight Violet Wand Kit - 110V - BDSM Gear Zeus Twilight Violet Wand Kit - 110V - BDSM Gear

    Zeus Twilight Violet Wand Kit - 110V

    The Twilight Wand from Zeus Electrosex is a contemporary way to electrify your senses as well as a stimulating delight for the eyes! Simply attach your desired electrode, dim the lights, and watch as the ambient light flows from the wand through to your chosen destination. Uniquely designed for aficionados and novice users alike, you can start at the lowest intensity and watch as your partner lights up when you tease and tantalize them with this brilliantly engineered piece. Take your light show up a notch by turning up the frequency to your desired intensity. The Twilight Wand is handsomely accompanied with four glowing glass pieces each with their own ambient lightshow, sensation, and intensity. This compact and lightweight piece is travel friendly. Measurements: Wand Power Unit and Hand Grip is 9 inches long, Attachments range from 5.13 to 6.38 inches long, Power Cable is 6 feet long Material: ABS, Glass, Metal Color: Black Note: 110 Volt - US Voltage


  • Naughty Appetites 53 Sex Positions Card Game

    Naughty Appetites 53 Sex Positions Card Game

    The Naughty Appetites 53 Sex Positions Card Game. Give each other a lifetime of amazing sex. We know you love sex. In fact, you're probably even having great sex. But who doesn't want to improve their game in and out of bed and take it to a whole new level? 53 Sex Positions - just one more, is the only deck of cards created to intensify love making and ignite a lifetime of amazing sex like never before! Each card includes an illustration with simple step by step instructions. We've even rated each position, but we'll let you be the ultimate judge.


  • Get Nasty Game

    Get Nasty Game

    57 ways to make your sex life a little nastier! Once a week, twice a week, or as often as you like, you and your lover each exchange a hidden get nasty(TM) card. Share your erotic surprise with one another and follow the instructions on the card to nasty sexual fulfillment! There are 57 get nasty(TM) pull-tab cards.


  • The Pegging Game The Pegging Game

    The Pegging Game

    The Pegging Game is more than a hilarious play on words; our penis-shaped board is made of high-quality materials and comes with complete gameplay instructions, including strategies, setup, and dealing methods, and three sets of colored pegs for scorekeeping. Standard rules of cribbage apply with the goal of being the first player or team to score 121 points. The Pegging Game can be played with 2-3 players or four players as a team of two. You will need one standard deck of playing cards and some fun friends to make this a memorable game night.


  • Let's Get Slutty Dice

    Let's Get Slutty Dice

    A shiny metallic set of foreplay dice that work for a couple or for a group of close friends. Blue and purple dice combine to make one foreplay action: green and gold the second. The silver die describes how to carry out a combination. For each turn, a player rolls all five dice and it is up to the roller to properly determine how to interpret the silver die. When playing as a couple, you decide which foreplay action to act out on your lover and when you roll both genitals sides on two of the dice, you win, and your reward is sex! For group plays, you divide into teams and act out the actions on other players in an attempt to get the other team to drop out. The last team with one or more players, wins!


  • Behind Closed Doors 4 Oral Sex Dice

    Behind Closed Doors 4 Oral Sex Dice

    4 Oral Sex Dice is an exciting way to spice up your sex life! These dice help you experience fun oral foreplay in positions and locations that will heighten your oral fun. To Play: Decide who rolls first. Then roll only 3 of the dice for the foreplay portion of the game. Action (teal), time (blue), and the part of the body (orchid). Complete the roll by using your mouth on the body for the allotted time. Take turns until you both decide it is time to roll the oral sex die and enjoy. Spice it up by rolling the dice several times and enjoy. Everyone is a winner in this game!


  • Let's Fuck Dice

    Let's Fuck Dice

    The Let's Fuck! Dice game from Kheper leads you to do one and only one thing....fuck. Oh what fun! Roll your way to pleasure! English.


  • Sex Pop Game Sex Pop Game

    Sex Pop Game

    Sex Pop is a fun popping sex dice game for partners wanting to add variety and spontaneity to their sexual playbook. Each popping dice game contains one ACTION dice (Rub, Lick, Suck, Kiss) and one BODY PART dice (Nipple, Fingers, Lips, Ass). Each player takes a turn popping the dice to reveal the sexual act to be performed on their partner. This fun and sexy game is convenient and compact enough to take on vacation or keep handy in your nightstand drawer.



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