Using a KINK CARD couldn’t be easier! Here, you’ll discover first how to buy them, then how to gift them, and finally how to use your new KINK CARD! Remember that a KINK CARD is

actually a Coupon Code worth $50. It’s not a physical gift card.

First, the person Buying the $50 Kink Card visits the Kink Card page (HERE) – selecting the graphic they want the most! See some of our choices below:

At Checkout, the Buyer puts the recipient’s email address in the “Order Notes” – this is how we name the special Coupon Code used to redeem the $50 gift. We also link the Coupon Code to the recipient’s email address. This makes it secure: only an order with that email address will work with the Coupon Code.

Once the order for your new KINK CARD is received, a Kink Store Service Agent emails the new coupon code to the BUYER.

Sending to the Buyer insures the valuable coupon code does not end up in a SPAM folder. All the Buyer has to do is forward the email to the beneficiary of the KINK CARD!

The email will look similar to this:

ONCE THE BENEFICIARY OF THE KINK CARD HAS THEIR CARD, THEY CAN START SHOPPING! Just be sure they use the email address for the order that matches the coupon code. 

Simply use the secure code at CHECKOUT and the $50 will be applied to the order.


1. KINK CARD is not an actual gift card. It is an easy to understand name for what is an emailed Coupon Code (Code or Codes). The Code is created by a Kink Store staff member, based on the email address of the recipient. This address is shared with Kink Store at the time of purchase, by the buyer, who has been instructed to put this address in the “Order Notes.” KINK CARDs are based on the accurate sharing of the recipient’s email by you, the buyer. We are not responsible for the address being correct or who actually opens the email. The dollar value is presented as a coupon code, that can only be used if the email attached to the future order matches the email provided.

2. The Code is emailed to the BUYER, which insures that the email is received and not filtered to a SPAM or JUNK folder. The Buyer then forwards the email to the beneficiary of the Code.

3. Kink Cards can only be used to purchase products on the website

4. Kink Card is not an actual gift card, but a dedicated coupon code. The buyer has chosen to purchase this code for you, the recipient (or beneficiary).

5. The code will only work with the email address the code was created with at the time of purchase.

6. The code is worth $50 USD, but there is no redeemable cash value. A Kink Card cannot be exchanged for cash.

7. The entirety of the $50 USD gift must be spent in one (1) single purchase. There is no cash back, or transferable balance on a Kink Card.

8. The code can be combined with other codes, unless noted at time of promotion.

9. There is no expiration date, but should the site go out of business, the code is invalid and non-redeemable for cash.