Adam & Eve's Fetish Dreams Blindfold

Sale price$21.99


Each caress is more sensitive...the slightest sounds are epic...even your perception of time begins to slip away –– get ready to be in the dark and amplify all your other senses when you put on your Fetish Dreams Blindfold. 

  • Blindfold covers eyes to intensify your other senses
  • Curved shape to comfortably fit face
  • Soft padded diamond stitched pattern
  • Elastic strap stays in place with ease
  • 7 inches by 2.89 inches blindfold provides full coverage
  • Made from satin smooth vegan leather
  • Packs easily into pocket, bag or nightstand

Imagine the erotic potential! This cushy, diamond-patterned eye cover stays put comfortably with soft elastic straps. Experience surrendering to every erotic surprise your lover has in store for you. Get acquainted with the hottest sex toy out there –– your imagination! 

There’s no peeking! The curved shape fits your face beautifully –– you'll feel your heart racing as you await all the sexy sensations & emotions to come!

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