Bare Leatherworks Essential Flogger - Full Size

Color: Black
Sale price$99.99


Bare Leatherworks is our go-to for craftsmanship and variety. You wanted the best, we got it- and in every color variety. The full size boasts 30 tails, and the mid-size gives you 24. Both are made with Bare Leatherwork's attention to detail with the best amenities for the craft- a core-grip handle, balanced for a perfect swing and quality dyed to brilliant gem tones. The rubber wrapped handle makes for a no slip flogging session. This is the perfect flogger for the Armory feel at your fingertips. The Fullsize option is a collection of 30 falls measuring 21" long, with a 9" handle. The Midsize is a collection of 24 falls measuring 13" long, with an 8" handle.

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