Base By Kink Mini Faux Fur Flogger 18"


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This playful, super soft fur flogger is a delight to the senses! This durable and cost-effective impact toy is compact and travels well. It's excellent for beginners, but kinksters of any level will find it a pleasure to use. Graze the skin for some gentle sensation play or use it at a full swing to make more of an impact. Store hanging from the strap to avoid crumpling and to keep your flogger in excellent condition.

PRO TIP: To avoid tangling and wrapping, swing the flogger in a circular motion a few times before making contact.

• For all levels of play
• Full length of 18"
• 38 black suede and faux fur falls
• Well-balanced weight

Material: Leather, plastic
Weight: 6.4 oz
Dimensions: 18" in length, including a 5.5" handle


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