Base By Kink Simple Anal Hook

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Meet the anal hook that started it all! This BDSM toy offers endless amounts of fun for kinksters at any level of anal play. Its sleek and smooth stainless steel construction makes anal play pleasurable for you or your partner. Thread rope through the stainless steel eyelet to tie around the waist or torso. Or use it with our leather bondage belt to step up your restraint play. This simple and sleek tool is so versatile. Experiment with all the possible configurations you or your partner can dream up!

Caution: Not intended for suspension bondage.

• Easy to use and clean
• For all levels of play
• Solid chrome-plated metal

Material: Solid chrome-plated metal
Weight: Approx. 8 oz (227g)
Dimensions: Stem length from base of loop to beginning of curve is 4.5" (114mm), total length of stem including curve is 9" (228mm); diameter of stem is 1/2" (13mm); eyelet opening is 1/2" (13mm) across and 1.5" (38mm) tall.

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