Core By Kink 30" Calf Leather Flogger with Designer Wood Handle

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This beautifully crafted, wooden-handled flogger is made with 100% genuine soft suede leather. You or your partner can graze the skin for a pleasant touch or use a full swing for a warm stinging sensation upon impact. The additional weight provides greater balance. The longer length is recommended for intermediate-expert handlers. Beginners can use a longer length, but with caution to avoid tangling and wrapping. Please use the wrist strap to mitigate any risks of accidents. Store hanging from the strap to avoid crumpling and moisture or mildew damage to keep your flogger in excellent condition. The wrist strap can be adjusted to be moved closer or farther away from the tails.

• Well balanced
• 100% Genuine soft suede leather
• 36 black and red 22" long soft suede falls
• 8" Leather Herringbone Woven Polished Wooden Handle
• Equipped with a Turk knot and leather wrist strap

Material: 100% Genuine leather;
Wood Weight: 12.8 oz (363g)
Dimensions: Full length is 31" (787mm); leather falls are 22" (559mm) long and 1/4" (6mm) wide; handle is 8" (203mm) long

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