Core By Kink Mini 36 Tail Leather Suede Flogger, 18"

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This high-quality, patent-leather-handled flogger is made with 100% genuine leather. Well balanced and with a comfortable grip, you or your partner can graze the skin for a pleasurable sensation or use it at a full swing for a warm sting upon impact. Using the wrist strap can help mitigate any risks of accidents. Store hanging from the strap to avoid crumpling and moisture or mildew damage to keep your flogger in excellent condition.

PRO TIP: To avoid tangling and wrapping, swing the flogger in a circular motion a few times before making contact.

• Full length of 18"
• 100% Genuine leather
• Well-balanced weight
• 30 falls, each 12" long
• 6" Patent-leather handle

Material: 100% Genuine leather
Weight: 6.4 oz (181g)
Dimensions: Full length of 18" (457mm); falls are 12" (305mm) long and 1/4" (6mm) wide; handle is 6" (152mm) long

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