Core By Kink Padded Paddle 15"


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This elegant, 100% genuine leather paddle is sure to tease and please you or your partner's booty. This compact, two-in-one paddle is an impact player's dream. No more awkward switching between paddles mid-scene. It allows for both, thundering 'thuddy' teasing on one side, and satisfying slaps of greater intensity on the other, keeping even the most experienced sub on the edge of their seat. The cricket-style ergonomic paddle is flexible and allows for quite an impact. One of the most erotic noises you'll hear in your bedroom is the SMACK or THUD of this sexy paddle.

• 100% Genuine leather
• 2 sided, one 'thuddy' and one 'stingy'
• Flexible ergonomic cricket-style handle
• For all levels of play

Material: 100% Genuine leather
Weight: 6.4 oz (181g)
Dimensions: Full length is 14" (35.6cm); 6.5" x 3" (16.5cm x 7.6cm) padded paddle surface


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