Liberator Center Stage Black Label Sex Platform - Charcoal

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The ultimate supportive platform with a kinky twist designed for Couples
looking for more theater in their intimacy. It is ideal for erotic
massage and a variety of sexual positions with the ability to attach
cuffs, silk sashes or ropes, the Stage creates a portable bondage base
on the bed or floor, boasting six snap clip and D-ring attachments for
wrist or ankle restraints. When the fun is done, just slide it under
your bed for easy storage.Includes the Center Stage Positioning
Bolster, ergonomically suited as a headrest, footrest, or pelvic tilt
during massage to enhance access to your partner's body. The Bolster
fits neatly beneath the hips during sex or erotic massage. Compatible with other Liberator shapes. Smooth
faux leather cover feels luxurious against bare skin and is compatible
with all lubricants and massage oils. Bonded microfiber on the sides to
resist tears.Cover is removable and machine-washable.Moisture-resistant liner.Massage base measurements in inches: 72L x 20W x 4H Bolster measurements in inches: 19L x 13W x 6H


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