Myhixel TR Stamina Training Masturbator

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MYHIXEL TR is the answer for people who want to take more control and last longer in bed.

It combines the exercise program Play TR, designed for penis-owners who want to learn specific motor skills to improve the quality and duration of their sexual performance, together with MYHIXEL I device, which allows you to exercise and improve your sexual capacity. Begin to innovate in your sexual relationships and decide when to ejaculate.

Reach a new sexual level with this exercise program with specific challenges adapted to anyone's performance. Exercises are performed through our MYHIXEL Play app compatible with iOS and Android.

MYHIXEL gives you a tool whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven, and allows them to improve their sexual performance and take control over ejaculation, while having fun at the same time!

The aim of this training program is for penis-owners to acquire more confidence in themselves, while learning from and enjoying a specific set of exercises that have been conceived for and adapted to their needs. MYHIXEL TR will improve the quality of your sex life, as well as your well-being.




  • You want to improve your ability to control your ejaculation, because you can’t always manage. 
  • This difficulty to control your ejaculation usually occurs during punctual situations that can be related to stress or anxiety.
  • You are able to control but you’re looking for a tool that helps you acquire new abilities to enjoy more alone or with your partner.
  • For people who want to improve and innovate in their intimate relationships and decide when to ejaculate.



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