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The PSG 202 is a great high quality introduction to electrical stimulation. This power box has dual outputs (so you can use more than one e-stim product). Dual controls allow you to moderate the electrical levels for each of the outputs individually. You can use two different devices connected to two different areas and be sure that each is getting the optimum level of stimulation.

On the front of the box are three sets of controls. The two knobs at the top are individual intensity controls, which let you apply different pressures between the A and B outputs. The pulse rate control adjusts the pulse cycle times. You can set anywhere from a slow pulse rate to a quick pulse rate. The frequency control adjusts the frequency of the output signal. There are also quick disconnect buttons so you can immediately stop all electrical flow to one or both of the A and B outputs.

Compatibility: The box runs on either AC power (included) or one small 9 volt battery (not included). Rimba accessories will work with Folsom units if you use the Folsom and Erostek In-Line adapter. You get a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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