Sportsheets Hogtie and Cuff Set

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Let your imagination run wild with this versatile hogtie

Four durable yet comfortable Sportsheets cuffs allow for myriad of positions only limited by your dirty mind. Perfect for beginners or experienced bondage enthusiasts, this leather-free set includes the hogtie center connector and 4 detachable cuffs. Made with heavy-duty hardware, each hook clasps easily onto the D-rings of the hogtie. Alternately, the adjustable velcro cuffs can be used on their own as handcuffs and ankle cuffs. The 5 Piece Hog Tie & Cuff Set can be used in the front or behind the back depending on what you have in mind for the evening. Sturdy yet quick to remove, this product creates quick and easy ways to restrain your partner.

5 Piece Hog Tie & Cuff Set specifications:


  • Material: Polypropylene webbing, nylon webbing, nickel-free hardware, Velboa fabric, Hook & Loop
  • Includes 4 cuffs and a 4-way hogtie connector


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