Core By Kink Black Rod Gag

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This sultry black 100% genuine leather mouth gag is perfect for muffling your or your partner's cries of pain and pleasure! This gag is padded, fully adjustable, and easy to use and clean. You will be pleasantly aroused at the wearer's full mouth, their restricted speech, and their uncontrollable drooling. This is also a great option for those who like to clench their teeth during play. Give your pillow a break and bite down on this sexy gag instead!

PRO TIP: Any mouth gag makes breathing more difficult. Keep the wearer's nose completely clear and remember that a gagged subject should never be left unattended.

• 100% Genuine leather
• Fully adjustable length of 19"-25" (48.3cm - 63.5cm) with buckle settling on the back of the neck
• For all levels of play
• Two O-rings to attach accessories

Materials: 100% Genuine leather, metal
Weight: 4.2 oz (120g)
Dimensions: Fully adjustable size range of 19"-25" (48.3cm - 63.5cm); gag biting surface approx. 9" (22.9cm); two 1.75" (4.5cm) O-rings

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