Core by Kink Glass Handle Flogger

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Looking for a flogger you can use every enticing inch of? Meet Kinks new Glass Handle Flogger! Twenty one inches of buttery falls to tantalize or torment your partner, and an insertable glass handle to really get things going. Made from luxurious suede calf leather and crystal clear shatter resistant glass, this beautifully crafted flogger will be the shining star of your collection. Tease softly along the skin or give it a full swing for a delicious thwack upon impact. This flogger’s weight is well balanced and just light enough to keep going to your heart's desire.

Pro Tip: Store hanging from the wrist strap to prevent crumpling and moisture damage.
Safety Tip: With longer falls novices should be mindful of wrapping and tangling.

Suede calf leather
Insertable Glass Handle
36 soft white 21” Falls

Material: Calf leather, glass, metal
Weight: 1.14lbs (519g)
Dimensions: Full length 30” (76.2cm); Falls 21” (53.3cm) long x 0.5” (1.27cm) wide. Insertable section of handle is 5” (12.7cm) long x 1.25” (3.18cm) wide

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