Core By Kink Hammer

Size: Big
Sale price$235.99


Our new Core by Kink Hammer is the ultimate collectors piece for ‘thuddy’ impact play.

A beautifully riveted mallet head sits atop a woven black and red leather handle, with an added wrist strap for support. The impact points of the mallet are slightly padded for comfort and safety. Even with the padding, this hammer packs a punch!

Our small hammer is perfect for all levels of experienced impact enthusiasts, measuring just 14 inches. The extra extended leather wrist strap is closed in the middle, leaving the tail pieces to be a great two tail whip. Our large hammer would proudly be the pièce de resistance of any dungeon. Measuring in at a whopping 23 inches this massive piece will have you feeling very powerful. Almost like a sexy croquet mallet, this weighty piece is the ultimate item in “thuddy” impact play.

Leather with metal details
Padded impact points
Wrist strap

Safety note: The large hammer is very large. Actual injuries can occur, please regularly check in with your partner.

Material: 100% genuine leather
Weight: SM: 11oz (313g), LG: 43oz (1220g)
Dimensions: SM: 14” (35.6cm) x 5”(12.7cm) x 2.25”(5.7cm) w/ 21” (53.3cm) tail.
LG: 24” (61cm) x 7.5” (19cm) x 4” (10.2cm)

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