Core By Kink Distinctive Metal Anal Plug

size: small
Sale price$7.99


Awaken all those sensitive nerve endings in your anal area with this sleek and sculptural metal butt plug. Its distinctive tapered tip allows for easier insertion, while the removable ring eases removal. Whether you're shooting for an anal orgasm, a prostate orgasm or G-spot/A-spot stimulation, this anal toy is on your side when it's in your ass. It also lets you stretch the anus, engage in double penetration, and command or show submission. And of course it can be your dirty little secret at the office or parties! Comes in three sizes. Pro Tips: To add bondage, tie the plug into place with rope threaded through your belt loops and the ring, or use our leather bondage belt with leather straps. The ring can also be removed for sitting. |

• Stimulates the G-spot, A-spot, and prostate
• Gently stretches the anus for bigger things
• Distinctive design with tapered tip and pull ring
• Easy to clean with soap and water
• Comes with velvet pouch
• Material: Chrome-plated aluminum alloy
• Sizing:

S: 80g (3oz) . 77mm (2.7inch) (without ring) dia 27mm (1inch)
M: 150g (5.3oz) (3.75inch) (without ring) dia 34mm (1.33 inch)
L: 285g (10oz) 115mm(4.5inch) (without ring) dia 45mm (1.8 inch)

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