Bare Leatherworks Elk Hide Flogger - Mid size

Sale price$109.99


Luxurious and silky Elk Hide falls are sensual, sexy and erotic with a great earthy scent. The falls are somewhat heavier then the deerhide tails, but still very soft and forgiving. We use Elk Hide when introducing a model to BDSM, which is what we call slave training. They will get used the deep feeling of a full flat throw of a flogger, as well as the stinging bite of the tips of the falls. They learn to associate varying degrees of pleasurable pain with voice commands. It's a wonderful thing to watch them grow and step into heavy hitting, stricter leather choices.

Elk Hide Floggers are constructed with a standard rubber wrapped handle, secured with industrial screws for guaranteed durability. Masterful weighting of the handles make them balanced and easy to swing, delivering either a thud or a sting depending on how hard the flogger is used. The handle is weighted and balanced, making it great for long flogging sessions.

 The Midsize is a collection of 30 falls measuring 13" long, with an 8" handle.


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