Bare Leatherworks Essential Flogger - Mid Size

Color: Black
Sale price$84.99


 Bare Leatherworks is our go-to for craftsmanship and variety. You wanted the best and we got it! Found in many videos, these cowhide floggers use top grain cowhide for the black tails (or falls) and soft suede cowhide for the colored tails. They are easy to swing and can give either a thud or a sting depending on how hard the flogger is used. Bare Leatherwork's attention to detail offers a flogger balanced for a perfect swing and the rubber wrapped handle makes for a no slip flogging session. The weighted and balanced handle makes it great for long flogging sessions or for double handed "Florentine" style flogging

Choose from the classic all black option, represent Kink's signature colors with black falls with red suede interior falls, or try out one of the other beautifully dyed colors for a unique personalized feel. The high quality leather is dyed and cut to perfection making this a great option for beginner or advanced floggers. This mid size option has 24 genuine leather falls with a hand wrapped rubber handle. 


Tails - 24
Tail Length - 13" long,
Tail Width - 1/2"
Handle Length - 8"
Total Length - 21"  

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