Core By Kink Magnetic Orb Nipple Clamps


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These small magnet clamps fit right in your pocket. They are simple, powerful, and discreet. These magnetic metal balls deliver a generous and pleasurable sensation. Simply attach one orb to each side of nipple, labia, cock, or other sensitive spots for a dose of pressure, leaving your hands free to do other fun and sexy activities.

Pro Tip: The less flesh between the ball clamps, the stronger the sensation. If the pressure is too intense, remove and reapply with more flesh between the orbs.

• Light and easy to transport
• High-quality metal-coated magnet
• Sold as a set of 2 clamps (4 orbs total)

Material: Metal-coated magnet
Weight: 0.6 oz (16g)
Dimensions: Diameter of each orb is 0.5" (1.3cm)


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