Base By Kink Labia Spreader Set

Sale price$7.99


Spread it open and get fully exposed with these super kinky labia spreader straps. These fully adjustable straps are designed to wrap comfortably around your thighs and clamp onto the lips of the labia. Elevate the level of sensitivity while rendering the wearer helpless and exposed. These are perfect for humiliation play, gynecological roleplay, or any creative scenarios you can dream up. Each clamp is coated with rubber so as to not apply any unwanted discomfort. The pressure of the clamps can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the screw.

• Cost-effective, but durable and well-made
• For all levels of play
• Fully adjustable straps

Material: Pleather, metal
Weight: 3 oz (91g)
Length (adjustable straps): 11"- 22" (28cm-56cm)
Width: Straps are 3/4" (2cm) thick
Length (clamps): 2" (5cm)

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