Core By Kink 4 Way Hogtie Connector

Sale price$39.99


Like 'em hogtied? So do we and we've got just the thing you need! Turn up your restraint play with this hot leather hogtie connector. This 4-way connector is made with 100% genuine leather and high-quality metal hardware. The leather straps are carefully secured with a pair of strong rivets. This piece is durable and built to withstand even the roughest of play. Each strap has a 1" D-ring for attaching rope or your favorite accessories like wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, or a bondage waist belt.

• 100% Genuine leather
• For all levels of play
• Four-way connection
• Four 1" D-rings at the end of each strap to attach your favorite accessories
• High-quality metal hardware

Material: 100% Genuine leather
Weight: 3.2 oz (91g)
Dimensions: Four 3" (76mm) long, 1" (25mm) wide leather straps; Four 1" (25mm) D-rings; One 2" (51mm) wide O-ring at the center

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