KinkToys Core Secure Leather Cross Cuff with 2 Love Locks


Sale price$39.99


Secure both wrists in style with this X cuff and 2 heart-shaped padlocks that add a romantic twist. Soft but sturdy genuine leather without interior padding reduces the ability to wriggle free and stands up to even vigorous struggling. Use to keep the wrists crossed in front or back, or overhead, more comfortably than with metal handcuffs. Adjusts to fit most wrist sizes.

Pro Tip: Crossing the wrists behind the back instead of in front enhances a feeling of vulnerability.

  • Extremely secure restraints
  • Genuine high-quality leather
  • Adjustable and lockable

Material: Genuine leather

Dimensions: 5mm thick

Weight: Color:

Black cuff, red padlocks


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