Romp Switch Suction Clit Stimulator - Orange

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Next level pleasure

ROMP Switch is our Pleasure Air clitoral stimulator with six intensity levels. Battery-powered and body-safe.

Never heard of Pleasure Air Technology? No? This innovative technology treats your clitoris to a new world of female pleasure. The gentle changes in air pressure stimulate your clitoris – without touching it. There’s no overstimulation and no feelings of numbness. Just. Pure. Joy. And before you ask: Yes! Multiple orgasms are possible. You’re welcome.

  • Stimulate the clitoris with subtle changes in air pressure and 6 intensity levels.
  • ROMP Switch is super easy to handle with only 2 buttons
  • Quiet, yet powerful enough to give you endless pleasure
  • Made of body-safe materials like ABS, TPE and a silicone head
  • Splashproof design, suitable to play in the shower, easy to clean too


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