Sir Richard's Pro Performance 2 Piece Cock Ring

Sale price$21.99


Mix Up C-Rings to Max Up Your Performance! Wear single, double, or triple c-rings on the penis to increase erection strength and performance. Wear single or double c-rings on the shaft for added partner pleasure. Wear a single ring around testicles as a ball stretcher, ball squeezer, or to delay and strengthen climaxes. This ring uses a formula that adds the perfect squeeze for most users. Extend Activities & Intensify Climaxes, Powerful Pleasure, Non-Pinching Comfort.


  • Twin Tension Dual-Ring Design
  • Extend Activities & Intensify Climaxes
  • Powerful Pleasure
  • Non-Pinching Comfort
  • Erectile Dysfunction Aid
  • Increases erection strength and performance

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