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Penis Pumps

  • HydroMax7 Penis Pump HydroMax7 Penis Pump

    HydroMax7 Penis Pump

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    From the makers of the legendary Bathmate comes Hydromax, with 35 percent more power than the original for optimum erection size, hardness, and staying power thanks to its unique, newly designed Bellows Pump system. The Bellows system now incorporates a new soft sealing, full support comfort ring to give you reduced pressure and greater comfort around the penis base and testicle region. As an added bonus, it is also removable for ease of cleaning. The ultimate hydrotherapy workout, the Hydromax is designed to be used in the shower and bathtub, utilizing the amazing power of water. The Hydromax allows you to gain impressive erections easily and safely while at the same time making them bother harder and longer lasting. The Hydromax workout will keep your penis in optimum health. Measurements: 11.4 inches tall (uncompressed), 8.7 inches tall (when compressed), approximately 2 inches in diameter Color: Blue

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  • Hydro7 Penis Pump Hydro7 Penis Pump

    Hydro7 Penis Pump

    Erectile Dysfunction affects most men at some time in their lives, and for some it is more than just a temporary problem. Bathmate helps with these problems, and improves the lives of virtually all who use it. Doctors have prescribed (and even designed) pumps for erectile dysfunction for many years. The Bathmate, designed by engineers, not doctors, is the first and only pump that uses water. The innovation of water makes for supreme efficiency and safety. The Bathmate mimics the effect that is achieved during a natural erection in the way that it draws blood into the penile blood vessels. The Bathmate exercises the penis and moves blood into vascular areas which may not have been able to carry as much blood before. By encouraging more blood to flow freely through these veins it has been found to be highly beneficial to men experiencing erectile dysfunction Bathmate has been proven to have a positive effect from even the first session and when used regularly erection problems soon become a thing of the past. Bathmate has multiple benefits including: Treating Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie's Disease (bent penis). Increasing penis size and psychological health. Improving cholesterol levels and overall cardiovascular health. Being the safest, most effective product on the market. Approximately 10 inches in inside length and opening of 2.125 inches.

  • Jack Mate Penis Pump Jack Mate Penis Pump

    Jack Mate Penis Pump

    You will be amazed by the look and feel of your penis as it grows bigger and more sensitive! This no-nonsense pumping set includes an ergonomic hand pump with a built-in pressure gauge, as well as a flexible and durable silicone hose. The bright red tubing connects to a 9 inch cylinder with measurements along its length to show your gains as you get longer and girthier. The optional seal at the base helps you create a tighter and more pleasurable seal, made even better with a little bit of lube. When you are satisfied with your engorgement, a quick release valve will instantly decrease the suction, freeing your ultra-sensitive penis for more hands-on play! Measurements: Cylinder is 9 inches in overall length, fits up to 8.5 inches, with a diameter opening of 2.15 inches. Hose is 10.3 inches in length. Material: TPR, silicone, ABS plastic Color: Red


  • 4 Level Power Suction Penis Pump With Built-in Display 4 Level Power Suction Penis Pump With Built-in Display

    4 Level Power Suction Penis Pump With Built-in Display

    This high-tech penis pump allows you to keep track of the pressure within the cylinder, battery life, and length of your pumping session! Achieve a bigger, harder, and more sensitive boner! Slide into the silicone sleeve using a little water-based lube for sleekness. The tight opening will create a seal around your penis so that pressure can build within. The cylinder is textured for a firm grasp, clear so that you can watch yourself grow, and marked with measurements so that you can track your progress! Explore 4 levels of suction, finding your perfect amount of pressure with the plus and minus buttons. The LED display will tell you the level of internal pressure you are vacuuming your penis with, as well as the battery life and session duration. When you have had enough, a pressure release valve button will release the pressure so that you can play with your erection! Measurements: 11.5 inches in total length, 8 inches insertable cylinder depth, 2.35 inches in diameter. Silicone opening is .75 inches in diameter, unstretched. Hose is 8.75 inches in length. Material: ABS, silicone Color: Clear Note: Charges via USB


  • Penis Pump Kit with 2.25 Inch Cylinder Penis Pump Kit with 2.25 Inch Cylinder

    Penis Pump Kit with 2.25 Inch Cylinder

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    Pump things up! This Penis Pump Kit features a transparent 9 inch cylinder with measurement markings so you can track your progress with each pump. The wide lip base ensures a tight seal, while the flexible hose and quick release valve makes it easy to maneuver and release the pump when you're ready to play. The ergonomic hand pump comes included with a large pressure gauge so you can find the amount of pressure works with yoour package best. This Pump Kit is perfect for those who want a more sensitive and long lasting erection - utilize your favorite cock ring to maintain your new pumped up shaft! Measurements: Overall length 9 inches, diameter opening 2.25 inches, hose length 10.25 inches Materials: Metal, acrylic, phthalate-free silicone Color: Transparent Key Features: Enhance Your Erection: Everything you need to pump your package is included - increase blood flow to your shaft to improve your erection duration and sensitivity Observe Your Growth: The transparent cylinder features measurement marks so yo ucan track your progress, while the wide base at the opening of the cylinder ensures a secure seal Ergonomic Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge: The easy grip hand pump makes it easy to squeeze air out of the chamber; keep an eye on the pressure gauge to find your preferred level of suction Quick and Easy Release Valve: Disconnect the hose with the quick release valve; the simple design makes it easy to detach and re-attach the hose while you play

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  • Automatic Digital Penis Pump with Easy Grip Automatic Digital Penis Pump with Easy Grip

    Automatic Digital Penis Pump with Easy Grip

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    Draw massive amounts of blood into your penis to increase size and sensitivity! This powerful male sex toy uses a digital pump and gauge to create and measure pressure within the cylinder. One easy-to-use button turns the suction on or off, while another button quickly releases air when you are ready to remove the pump and get some action. Imagine the sexual possibilities, playing solo or with a partner, when your engorged member feels every touch, stroke, lick, or thrust more intensely than ever before! The cylinder is marked with length measurements so that you can keep track of your gains, while texture allows you to maintain a firm grip. The sleeve around the opening ensures that you get a tight seal everytime. This sleeve is made of premium, phthalate-free silicone and should not be used in combination with silicone lubricants. Clean after use with mild soap and warm water. Measurements: Cylinder is 8.5 inches in length, 2.25 inches in diameter. Hose is 9 inches in length. Material: Acrylic, ABS plastic, silicone. Color: Clear. Note: Requires 4 AAA batteries, not included.

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  • Deluxe Penis Pump with Suction Sleeve Deluxe Penis Pump with Suction Sleeve

    Deluxe Penis Pump with Suction Sleeve

    The Deluxe Penis Pump with Suction Sleeve helps you get the most from your cock. Simply insert your penis into the cylinder, letting the internal suction sleeve create a tight seal, and squeeze the hand bulb to start pumping up! When you have the size you want, just press the release valve button above the bulb to break the vacuum, and remove your penis, swollen and ready to go! Use it to get an even bigger erection, or go for increased size over time with a regular pumping regimen. Measurements: 2.14 inch internal diameter, 7.5 inch cylinder length, 7.25 inch long flexible hose Material: ABS, Rubber Color: Black


  • Deluxe Trigger Pump Deluxe Trigger Pump

    Deluxe Trigger Pump

    Looking for a penis pump that delivers amazing and sizable results? The Deluxe Trigger Pump from Size Matters promotes lengthening, thickening, stamina, and increased orgasms all in one! This pump also features a unique trigger mechanism for better control which creates a vacuum in the sleeve: as you pump the pressure expands the blood vessels by increasing blood flow. A built-in pressure gauge lets you monitor the intensity. A flexible hose attaches the pump to the thick plastic cylinder that is shaped to fit comfortably and accommodate most sizes. Measurements: Pump Cylinder has 8 inch internal length, 2.4 inch internal diameter Material: ABS, TPE Color: Black and Clear


  • Size Matters Deluxe Steel Hand Pump - Kink Store Size Matters Deluxe Steel Hand Pump - Kink Store

    Deluxe Steel Hand Pump

    This is no ordinary penis pump! The Deluxe Steel Hand Pump is constructed with heavy duty metal and chrome detail and designed with you in mind. Our signature pumping system is equipped with a built-in pressure gauge to monitor intensity, a vacuum lock connector with a flexible hose that is compatible with any of our cylinders and cushioned support for your gripping pleasure. The Deluxe Steel Hand Pump promotes lengthening, thickening, stamina, and increased orgasms all in one! Measurements: 9.5 inches in height, 7 inches wide Material: Metal, foam, rubber Color: Red Note: Works with Size Matters cylinders, sold separately


  • Size Matters Penis Pump Cylinder - 3 Sizes Available - Sex Toys Size Matters Penis Pump Cylinder - 3 Sizes Available - Sex Toys

    Penis Pump Cylinder 1.75 Inch X 9 Inch

    Each cylinder is hand crafted and made of the finest, industrial strength crystal clear acrylics. The cylinders are tapered toward the top to match the natural anatomy of your penis for maximum comfort. No gaskets are required. Each cylinder contains a state-of-the-art air valve which allows for quick and easy disconnection from the pump while maintaining pressure within the cylinder. Measurements: 9 inches in length, 1.75 inches in diameter Material: Acrylic Color: Clear Note: Compatible with Size Matters pumps, sold separately

  • Sale -19% Tom of Finland Heavy Duty Cock Pump - Kink Store Tom of Finland Heavy Duty Cock Pump - Kink Store

    Tom of Finland Heavy Duty Cock Pump

    Get rock hard with a heavy-duty pumping system. Achieve an erection as impressive as the iconic drawings of Tom of Finland when you slip your penis into the silicone comfort sleeve of the cylinder, creating a strong seal with a bit of water-based lube if necessary. Snap the hose onto the vacuum lock top of the cylinder and squeeze the comfort grip handles to begin suction. Every squeeze will reflect on the pressure gauge, as well as in your penis as it becomes engorged. Measurements: Cylinder is 9.5 inches in total length with an inner diameter of 1.75 inches and an outer diameter of 2.25 inches. Hose is 14 inches in length. Material: Metal, silicone, rubber. Color: Clear. Note: Includes a free Tom of Finland Collector Card.



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