Core By Kink All-in-One Shower Enema Set

Sale price$47.99


This kit has everything you need to clean yourself out for some pleasurable anal play. Or enjoy enema play just for the fun of it! The hose attaches easily to your existing shower for a steady flow of water, and the included diverter means you can leave the system installed and switch between shower and enema mode.

Pro Tip: Run the water to a comfortable warm temperature and reduce the flow before insertion.

• For cleanliness, anal play and enema play
• 2 different sized tips
• Includes hose, diverter, valve, and tips
• Velvet pouch included

Material: Chrome, metal
Weight: 18 oz (514g)
Dimensions: Large tip 5" x 3/4" (12.7cm x 2cm), small tip 3.75" x 1/4" (9.5cm x 6mm), tube is 58" x 9/16" (147cm x 1.4cm)

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