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  • Sale -15% Subdued Full Body Strap Restraint Set - Kink Store Subdued Full Body Strap Restraint Set - Kink Store

    Subdued Full Body Strap Set

    Restrain your partner with seven body straps in varying lengths. Each one adjusts to tighten around your lovers prone body, allowing you to customize their captivity. The easy-to-use buckles create a convenient bondage as your plaything is wrapped from shoulders to ankles, effectively immobilizing them so that they are entirely at your mercy! Measurements: All straps are 1.5 inches in width. Maximum lengths of each strap are as follows: 14.5 inches, 21.5 inches, 21.5 inches, 32 inches, 40 inches, 41 inches, and 41.5 inches. Material: Nylon, ABS plastic. Color: Black.


  • Collared Chest Harness - Kink Store Collared Chest Harness - Kink Store

    Female Chest Harness - Large

    This attractive chest harness has three adjustable buckles to ensure a flattering fit on a range of female bodies. Made of a heavy-duty leather-like material with chrome hardware, it is striking and memorable for BDSM play. Two large D-rings, one at the neck and one at the sternum, serve as attachment points for other accessories such as wrist cuffs, a leash, chains, or rope. Outfit yourself or your submissive in this beautiful and versatile harness. Measurements: Neck adjusts from 14 to 17 inches in circumference. Chest strap adjusts from 10 to 14 inches in length. Underbust strap adjusts from 29.5 to 40 inches in circumference. Material: PU leather, metal Color: Black

  • Black Steel Adjustable Spreader Bar - BDSM Gear Black Steel Adjustable Spreader Bar - BDSM Gear

    Black Steel Adjustable Spreader Bar

    Keep your plaything in place and spread them wide with this darkly sexy spreader bar. Made of durable steel, it adjusts between 23 and 35 inches. This black bar has eyebolts securely attached to each end. Wrist and ankle cuffs can be attached to the bar as you desire, making it not only a vital accessory to your bondage play, but a warm welcome to any devious collection. Measurements: Adjusts from 23 to 35 inches in length Material: Steel, metal Color: Black Note: Comes with bar and two metal locking pins


  • Silicone Ball Gag with Leather Strap - BDSM Gear Silicone Ball Gag with Leather Strap - BDSM Gear

    Silicone Ball Gag

    Standard Sized Silicone Ball Gag with Leather Strap Keep them salivating for more with these smooth ball gags. Gags are perfect use for keeping your slave quite or for relaxing the anus for rear penetration. These gags very soft and are perfect for prolonged use as they are very comfortable. They come with a 20" leather strap that is adjustable to fit most. These gags come in two colors: Black and Red. Sizes: Diameter of ball gag is 1.75 inches. This is a comfortable size for most. The strap is adjustable from 16.5-21 inches

    $25.99 - $26.99

  • Sale -3% Forced Orgasm Wand Holder Belt - BDSM Gear Forced Orgasm Wand Holder Belt - BDSM Gear

    Forced Orgasm Wand Holder Belt

    Make your lover cum over and over again with the Forced Orgasm Belt, designed for pleasure overload! This unique BDSM device allows you to strap a powerful massage wand to your plaything while you have your way with their body. Adjustable straps around the waist, crotch, and wand head ensure that this gear fits most body types and stays securely in place. The soft interior feels luxuriously comfortable, making it perfect for long-term wear. An anal plug harness even gives you the option of attaching a plug to keep your partner stuffed! Finally, three large O-rings serve as attachment points for other bondage accessories, such as wrist cuffs, ropes, or whatever your heart desires. Measurements: Adjusts between 33 and 38 inches in waist circumference. Fits anal plugs up to 1.5 inches in diameter. Material: PU leather, metal. Color: Black. Note: Compatible with most standard sized wands, not included.


  • Ride Me Dildo Mouth Gag - BDSM Gear Ride Me Dildo Mouth Gag - BDSM Gear

    Ride Me Mouth Gag

    The Ride Me Mouth Gag keeps you stuffed and your partner silent! There is plenty of penetration to go around with a glossy black dildo on the outside, and a cock-shaped mouth gag on the inside. This double dose of dick is supported by a heavy-duty adjustable leather strap that buckles behind the head, and a studded mouth-guard. Fill up their mouth and then climb on and ride! Measurements: Neck strap adjusts from 15.5 to 21.2 inches around, Dildo has 4.75 inch insertable length, 1.55 inch max diameter, Gag has 2.5 inch insertable length, 1.5 inch max diameter Material: Leather, Metal, PVC Color: Black


  • Leather Wrapped Spreader Bar with Ankle Cuffs - Kink Store Leather Wrapped Spreader Bar with Ankle Cuffs - Kink Store

    Leather Wrapped Spreader Bar with Cuffs

    Sophisticated design meets devious desires with this beautiful leather-bound spreader bar. Keep your plaything splayed open and on display for your pleasure. The cuffs adjust around their ankles to the perfect tightness and connect to the bar via swivel clasps. You can even add locks to the buckles, if you so choose, to ensure that there is no hope for escape. The spreader bar, wrapped in fine leather, allows you to easily maneuver them into different positions so that you can access all parts of them for impact play, tease and denial, penetration, and more! Measurements: Bar is 23.75 inches in length. Restraints are 2 inches in width and adjust from 7.5 to 11.5 inches in circumference. Material: Leather, steel Color: Black


  • Sale -20% Black Fleece Lined Leather Blindfold by Strict Leather - BDSM Gear Black Fleece Lined Leather Blindfold by Strict Leather - BDSM Gear

    Strict Leather Black Fleece Lined Blindfold

    Blind your partner in comfort with the Strict Leather Black Fleeced Lined Blindfold. This blindfold is one size fits all and has a elastic band the secures the fleece lined blindfold to your head.


  • Sale -36% Cotton Bondage Rope - 32 Foot - BDSM Gear Cotton Bondage Rope - 32 Foot - BDSM Gear

    32 Foot Cotton Bondage Rope

    Restrain your lover by letting your imagination run free with this versatile and classic bondage staple. The firm, tightly woven cotton cable is solid yet soft, perfect for tying your partner down, up, or any way you please. You have 32 feet of possibilities stretching in front of you. Let your mind and body run wild! Measurements: 32 feet in length, approximately 0.25 inches in diameter Material: Cotton Color: Black


  • Heavy Duty Curved Tip Bondage Safety Scissors - BDSM Gear Heavy Duty Curved Tip Bondage Safety Scissors - BDSM Gear

    Heavy Duty Bondage Scissors

    These heavy duty scissors slip under restraints like ropes and tethers for a quick escape! Perfect for cutting your partner loose when they say the safeword or feel uncomfortable. The blunt shovel tip easily slips under restraints without worry of hurting your partner. Made with heavy duty stainless steel so you can cut through thick ropes and leathers if needed! Measurements: Overall length 7.3 inches, width 3.6 inches Materials: ABS Plastic, stainless steel Color: Black Key Features A BDSM Essential: This pair of scissors is perfect for quick escapes when the safeword is said and you need to free your partner immediately Blunt Tipped: The blunt shovel tip slips under ropes and restraints without fear of cutting your partners skin Durable Materials: Constructed with durable stainless steel and plastic for a reliable heavy duty build


  • Sale -7% The Enforcer Wooden Humbler Scrotum Stretcher - BDSM Gear The Enforcer Wooden Humbler Scrotum Stretcher - BDSM Gear

    The Enforcer Black Wooden Humbler

    When stricter enforcement is necessary...put your sub in their place with this adjustable wooden humbler. Your sub will be bent over and locked to keep them on their knees and at your complete mercy. Ingeniously designed to curve and fit below the ass with the scrotum stretched through the adjustable opening. Wing nuts at either end of the Humbler allow you to open and close it. The tugging on their testicles will increase as your naughty sub tries standing up, effectively keeping him bent over to take whatever you desire to give him. Is it a reward? It is your decide. Measurements: 13 inches in length, 1.5 inches in height, scrotum hole measures 2.75 wide and 0.75 inches tall Material: Wood, metal Color: Black


  • Leather Pet Name Collar - BDSM Gear Leather Pet Name Collar - BDSM Gear

    Leather Pet Name Collar

    Identification collars! Made of black leather, with four snaps and has steel letters. Show off your property or express yourself. Each one is 0.75 inches in width.Choose from BITCH, SLAVE, SUBMISSIVE, or SLUT.

    $14.99 - $17.99

  • XL Collapsible Bondage Board - Kink Store XL Collapsible Bondage Board - Kink Store

    XL Bondage Board

    Bigger and better than before, the XL Bondage Board presents you with 21 extra inches and 18 D-ring attachment points to pair with your favorite restraints and turn your fantasy into reality! Turn any room into a dungeon with a unique piece of BDSM furniture that discreetly folds up and tucks away when not in use. The easy-carry handles make it convenient to take over to your partners house or on a kinky vacation. A total of 4 folding sections create greater versatility of positions, allowing you to put your plaything in doggy-style or keep their front helplessly exposed. The XL Bondage Board is comfortably cushioned for hours of pleasure play. Measurements: Folded open dimensions are 65 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and 2.5 inches in diameter. Folded closed dimensions are 24 inches in width, 16 inches in height, and 9.5 inches in diameter. Approximately 28 lbs. Material: PU leather, foam, and wood Color: Black Note: Restraints and chain not included.


  • English Bull Dog Harness with Attached Cock Ring - Kink Store English Bull Dog Harness with Attached Cock Ring - Kink Store

    English Bull Dog Harness with Cock Strap

    This fetish wear duo combines an enticing chest harness with a naughty cock strap, both made of leather and shiny metal for a luxurious and striking look and feel! Wrap up yourself or your partner to enhance the atmosphere during BDSM play, with the added benefit of a cock ring that encircles the entire package for enhanced sensation. Featuring multiple points of adjustment around the shoulders and up the back, both accessories are built to fit a variety of body types. An additional strap is included for even more customization. Measurements: Chest harness: shoulder straps adjust from 5.25 to 11 inches in length, fits chests between 32 and 44 inches in circumference. Cock strap: ring is 2 inches in diameter, front strap adjusts from 16.25 to 21.5 inches in length, back strap adjusts from to 12.75 to 25 inches in length. Additional extension strap is 10.5 inches in length. Material: Leather, metal. Color: Black. Note: Includes chest harness and cock strap.


  • Sale -6% Frog Tie Bondage Versatile Restraint System - BDSM Gear Frog Tie Bondage Versatile Restraint System - BDSM Gear

    Frog Tie Kneeling Bondage Restraint System

    Create easy-access to your lovers body and orifices when you strap them into these durable and lightweight frog-tie restraints. Designed to wrap around their thighs and ankles, this set will allow you to easily open up their legs and have your way with them. Explore a variety of positions! Keep them on their knees for oral sex or on their belly so that you can play with that booty! Each restraint has four O-rings so that you can attach more accessories, including wrist restraints. Alternatively, this set doubles as a wrist-to-thigh cuff restraint system. All of the straps are adjustable with locking buckles to help you act out your customized fantasy! Measurements: Ankle cuffs adjusts from 6.25 to 11 inches in circumference. Thigh straps adjusts from 12.5 to 28.25 inches in circumference. Material: PU leather, metal. Color: Black. Note: Does not include locks.


  • Heart Tip Leather Crop - BDSM Gear Heart Tip Leather Crop - BDSM Gear

    Heart Tip Crop

    Up for a game of role playing with the King or Queen of hearts? The Heart Tip Crop from Strict Leather is a quality crop that has a sturdy and flexible fiberglass wrapped rod. Experience a full range of sensations, from light taps to heavy thuds... this crop WILL endure. The tip is made from a soft quality leather with a beautiful sewn red suede interior detail. Concluding the look is an easy grip rubber handle with safety strap. Measurements: 26" Long Material: Leather and rubber. Color: Black with red detail.


  • Sale -2% Collapsible Bondage Board - Kink Store Collapsible Bondage Board - Kink Store

    STRICT Bondage Board

    Turn any space into a sex dungeon! The Bondage Board is designed to bring your fantasies with you, wherever you go! Simply unfold the board and attach your restraints to create a versatile piece of BDSM furniture. With 14 different D-ring attachment points, it is easy to achieve a multitude of sexual positions and gain full access to your partners vulnerable body. The thick padding makes it comfortable to play for as long as you want, and the material is easy to wipe clean. Carrying handles and a discreet exterior make it perfect for a night at your partners home or taking on vacation, however it is also convenient for ready use and secret storage in your own home. Confine your lover for bondage play anywhere and anyhow your heart desires! Measurements: 42.5 inches in total unfolded length, 24 inches in width. 21.25 inches in length when folded. Material: PU leather, metal, foam, and wood. Color: Black. Note: Restraints sold separately.


  • Black and Gold Collar with Leash Kit Black and Gold Collar with Leash Kit

    Black and Gold Collar with Leash Kit

    Explore the world of power exchange with this stylish and convenient kit of leather and gold! The included Bondage Baddie Collar features a lightweight design and striking aesthetic to decorate your subjects neck with an attractive, edgy style that is at home in the club as well as the dungeon. The sturdy golden 1 inch O-ring is a subtle signal to other players and can accomodate most leashes, tags, and other accessories that you fancy. Leash up your sub in style with the included gold chain leash! The black PU leather hand loop matches the dazzling gold metal hardware to provide you a bondage accessory that lets you strut your sub in style around your home or your scene. Both accesories are made with nickel-free metal and plush, lightweight PU leather for comfort during extended sessions. Collar Measurements: Overall length 19 inches, adjusts from 13.5 inches to 16.5 inches, O-ring diameter 1 inch Leash Measurements: Overall length 39 inches, Chain length 29.5 inches Materials: PU Leather, nickel-free metal Color: Black and Gold Included: Bondage Baddie Collar with O-ring, Black and Gold Chain Leash Key Features: Adjustable Rolling Buckle: Customize the tightness around your subs neck without hassle thanks to the rolling buckle; adjusts from 13.5 inches to 16.5 inches in circumference Lead Your Lover: The easy to use clasp hook leash quickly attaches and detaches from the Bondage Baddie collar, making it easy for you to change positions while you play Elegant Aesthetic: The combination of gold and black adds a flair of elegant style to your dungeon or bedroom Sturdy and Comfortable: Both the collar and leash are made with skin safe nickel-free metal, soft and lightweight PU leather for comfort during extended use


  • Bedroom Restraint System Bedroom Restraint System

    Bedroom Restraint System

    Bring sensual and fun bondage wherever you go with the Frisky Bedroom Restraint Kit! This kit is portable and easily restrains your partner with H-shaped straps that fit underneath any size bed. The straps reach around from the bottom of the bed or mattress to securely cuff ankles and wrists, restricting movement. The sturdy Neoprene cuffs are soft and comfortable, yet close securely with heavy duty Velcro. Swivel clips attach the cuffs to straps underneath the mattress. Enjoy putting your partner in compromising positions as you tease and please them until you decide they are released! Tonight you’re going to add a little spice to the bedroom with your new bondage set! The lightweight straps were easy to take out and you’ve already wrapped them under the bed so that only the four end straps are visible. At the end of each strap you’ve attached the neoprene cuffs to the swivel clips. Everything’s ready for you to surprise your partner with a fun evening! As you lead them in, their look of surprise turns into a wicked grin. You carefully put each cuff on their ankles and wrists, and ask them to test them out. A firm tug on each of them shows both of you they’re fully secure. Now, the fun really begins! Measurements: Four restraint straps and connector strap adjust up to approx. 48 inches in length, cuffs adjustable up to approx. 16 inches around. Materials: Neoprene, Velcro, nylon, and metal. Color: Black Note: Includes four cuffs and H-shaped restraint strap. Adjusts to fit any size mattress. Key Features: Sturdy Straps: These sturdy, nylon straps stay secure while your partner is writhing, squirming and yanking. Comfortable Cuffs: The neoprene cuffs are comfortable, padded and soft. Fits Any Bed: Designed so you can adjust the straps for any mattress size. Travel Friendly: Lightweight and compact, these straps and cuffs fold up to fit in any small bag or carrying case.


  • Leather Locking Bondage Straps - Set of 4 - BDSM Gear Leather Locking Bondage Straps - Set of 4 - BDSM Gear

    4 Pack Leather Locking Bondage Straps

    This versatile set of straps provides you with 4 Leather Bondage Straps of different lengths so you can explore and restrain with greater freedom. Use these straps to restrain different body parts or in combination with other bondage delights! Mentally and physically restrain your partner thanks to the lockable feature found on each buckle - adjust the thightness of the strap and attach a small padlock to keep the strap in place until your scene is finished! Measurements: All Straps are 1.25 inches wide. The 4 different straps measure 48, 36, 24, and 17.5 inches in length. Materials: Leather, metal Color: Black Note: Locks sold seperately Key Features: 4 Straps of Varying Size: Ranging from short to long to give you plenty of options to wrap around your partners body to lock them down or hold them in place for your enjoyment Sturdy Lockable Buckles: Each strap features a lockable buckle designed to accomodate small padlocks to physically and mentally lock your partner in place; padlocks not included Perfect For All Skill Levels: Experts will enjoy the different lengths of each strap, and beginners will love the versatility this set of four provides for them in the bedroom Dependable Materials: Constructed with a dependable leather and metal hardware so you can pull and resist against these straps with confidence


  • Isabella Sinclaire Interchangeable Silicone Ball Gag Set - BDSM Gear Isabella Sinclaire Interchangeable Silicone Ball Gag Set - BDSM Gear

    Isabella Sinclaire Interchangeable Silicone Ball Gag Set

    Not every mouth is the same size, so you may need a little versatility with your gag play. Now you have choices. Allow a muffled moan or stuff they so full they cannot make a peep. -Mistress Isabella Sinclaire This versatile set comes with two different gag sizes, which secure easily and quickly via snap hooks at each side. The durable leather has a high quality look and feel, with an adjustable buckle at the back with an optional locking feature. The metal is nickel free and brushed for a refined look. The ball is made of smooth silicone for an odorless, tasteless, and easily cleaned ball gag with just a slight amount of give while remaining comfortable. One of the most sought after Dominas in the world, Isabella Sinclaire has been a pillar of the fetish community and a fetish icon since 1993 and one of the first Pro Dommes with an online presence. She is a revered expert with an unparalleled knowledge on all types of BDSM activities and a deep understanding for those that participate in them. Isabella Sinclaire is also an international film star that has created or stared in over 60 BDSM films. The Isabella Sinclaire Signature Collection features exceptionally crafted tools of the trade, personally hand-picked by Isabella Sinclaire for your satisfaction. Each piece reflects her style, sophistication, skill and class. Measurements: Small gag: 1.3 inches in diameter; Large gag: 1.75 inches in diameter. Strap is adjustable from 15 to 23 inches in circumference Material: Leather, metal, silicone Color: Black Note: Includes small gag, large gag, and strap. Locks and accessories sold separately


  • Tied Temptress Thigh Harness with Hog Tie Connector Tied Temptress Thigh Harness with Hog Tie Connector

    Tied Temptress Thigh Harness with Hog Tie Connector

    Look and feel sexy with this Tied Temptress thigh harness and hogtie connector set! The set includes everything you and your partner could possibly need in order to put you into lots of devious and kinky positions while restrained! Each of the straps are fully adjustable using the buckle closures. This black, vegan leather set looks and feels great! It includes 1 belt, 2 thigh cuffs, 2 wrist cuffs, 2 ankle cuffs, 2 garters, 2 cuff connectors, and 1 hog tie connector. The golden metal is nickel-free for sensitive skin. To clean it, wipe everything down with a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner. Let air dry. Wrap the belt around your belly, the thigh harnesses attach to the belt. Once those are snug, ask your partner to cuff you. They can put your hands and wrists together using the hogtie connectors. Enjoy being bound on your belly, your back, with your booty up in the air or your legs up over your head! This set looks sexy and gives you little freedom to move, but lots of freedom to explore your submissive side! As soon as you're bound, your mind relaxes; you have nothing left to do but be a good submissive and enjoy what your partner has in store for you both tonight! Measurements: Belt adjusts from 30 inches to 40 inches in circumference. Thigh cuffs adjust from 17.5 inches to 25 inches in circumference. Wrist cuffs adjust from 5 inches to 9.75 inches in circumference. Ankle cuffs adjust from 6.25 inches to 11.75 inches in circumference. Garters adjust from 10.5 inches to 15.75 inches in length (including clips). Cuff connectors are 7.5 inches in length (including clips). Hog tie is 13.25 inches x 13.25 inches. Materials: Vegan leather, metal Color: Black, gold Key Features: Fully Adjustable: All the straps adjust via the buckles. Multiple D-Rings: There are multiple D-rings on the belt and each cuff to create a variety of bondage options. Full Hogtie Set: Includes 1 belt, 2 thigh cuffs, 2 wrist cuffs, 2 ankle cuffs, 2 garters, 2 cuff connectors, and 1 hog tie connector. Nickel-Free Metal: All metal is gold colored and nickel-free for sensitive skin.


  • Bondage Love Pillow Bondage Love Pillow

    Bondage Love Pillow

    A little lift goes a long way with this heart shaped pillow! Made of high-density foam and covered in a velvety soft outer layer and a water-resistant inner layer, it's firm enough to lift you up and has enough softness to keep it sexy. Use it under your shoulders, chest, head, hips or knees to change the way you play! Both inner and outer pillow covers are machine washable, too! The soft outer layer keeps it sexy and sensual as your skin brushes against the fabric while the water-resistant, inner layer keeps your foam pillow moisture free! This cute heart pillow goes great with any decor, can easily be disguised as a throw pillow and placed on your bed or couch, and is one of the simple yet essential pieces of your sexy bedroom collection! Use the pillow under your hips to tilt your pelvis and get greater access to hitting your G-spot or P-spot. Use it under your head for comfort and to lift the neck. Pad your knees as you pound your partner in Doggy style pose! Get on your side and use it between your shins or thighs to easily part your legs as your partner slips in behind you! Get fun and creative as you enjoy upleveling your love game! Measurements: Length: 12.5 inches. Width: 18.25 inches. Height: 7 inches. Materials: Velvet (polyester), PU foam, nylon, resin (zipper) Color: Red Key Features: High Density Foam: This foam keeps its shape and supports your body weight without letting you sink through the pillow. Ergonomic Design: Designed to support countless positions so you can get the most out of your sensual play! Dual Layer Covers: The outer cover is soft against the skin and the inner cover is water-resistant so the foam stays mildew and moisture-free. Machine Washable: Easily wash your pillows after play by machine washing them after each use.


  • Rave Harness Elastic Chest Harness with Arm Bands Rave Harness Elastic Chest Harness with Arm Bands

    Rave Harness Elastic Chest Harness with Arm Bands

    Add some flair to your wardrobe with this comfortable, stretchy harness and armbands! The nickel-free, metal stars adorn the front of the harness and the armbands to easily go with any type of outfit! The stretchy material is soft against the skin, easy to hand wash or machine wash, and gives you a snug fit that shows off your chest and arms! Wear it with an open shirt over it, or with no shirt at all! Looks great with booty shorts, long pants or a jock strap. It can also go underneath a fishnet shirt or simply be the sexy addition that you wear in the bedroom! Measurements: Harness fits 35 inches - 40 inches chest circumference. Arm bands stretch up to 19 inches circumference. Materials: Polyester, zinc alloy Color: Black, Silver Key Features: Stretchy and Comfortable: The polyester harness is stretchy, comfortable, and soft against your skin. Fashionable: The black harness has little, nickel-free metal stars that give it some flair for fun and goes with anything! Armbands: Armbands are included and have matching stars on them. Machine Washable: can easily be hand washed or placed in a machine on a cool setting.




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