World Cage Bangkok Chastity Kit - Large

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This classic, comfortable and discreet polycarbonate cock cage will keep you right where they want you! 

  • One Cage Length: 4.15" | Inner Diameter: 1.6"
  • Five Rings: 57mm | 53mm | 50mm | 47mm | 43mm
  • Four Lock Pins 15mm | 13mm | 10mm | 7mm
  • One Silicone Security Shield
  • One SFW Padlock and two keys
  • Ten Individually Numbered Plastic Travel-Friendly Locks

What makes the World Cage different?
  • Lifetime Warranty*
  • Simple - Fewer parts.  Easy to put on, easy to use.
  • Comfortable - designed for long term wear.
  • Body Safe - The only popular Male Chastity Device made from ABS plastic - BPA free.
  • Secure - Innovative Silicone Security Shield anti-pullout accessory included.
  • Vented for better hygiene.
  • Easier to use at urinals - virtually no splashback for most men.
  • Hinged rings for easier fitting.
  • Larger Rings included - No need for expensive add-ons.
  • Designed to fit - no lube needed for placement by most men.



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