Zumio X Personal Stimulator

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Like no other orgasm.

Rather than vibrate, the tiny but powerful Zumio SpiroTIPTM whirls around in tiny circles so you can pinpoint unique stimulation. You’ll be surprised and delighted.

Zumio X is a revolutionary and unique stimulator for every body! It's SpiroTIP whirling rotations turn you on like you never have been before! This innovative function mimics the sensation of a finger using a rotating motion on the clitoris, labia, nipples, shaft, glans or scrotum, and everywhere else that feels good! The intense action of the Zumio X will blow you away!

  • SpiroTIP whirling motion - Rather than vibrate, Zumio's whirling motion will provide sensations like you've never felt.
  • Pinpoint stimulation - Unique, concentrated stimulation lets you explore new sensations in new places.
  • Pressure sensitive touch - Apply more pressure and Zumio responds with a less intense but deeper stimulation.
  • Multi-functional stylus - Explore a wider variety of sensations by using the side of the stylus as well as the tip.
  • All over versatility - Use on the clitoris, labia, nipples, shaft, glans or scrotum (or anywhere else that feels good!)
  • Solo or partner play - Zumio is a favorite to explore new ways to masturbate or self-pleasure, and new ways to play with partners!
  • 100% waterproof - Get wet in the shower, pool or hot tub.
  • Carefree travel - Compact, discreet and powerful with a protective bag and lock-out mode.
  • 8 speeds - Slim comfortable handle with quick-touch up and down speed level control.
  • Whisper quiet - discreet operation so you can play wherever and whenever you want. 
  • Vibration-free handle - Vibration-free slender handle keeps your hand comfortable during extended use.
  • Body safe - Silky medical grade silicone and ABS plastics free from phthalates, latex and BPA.
  • USB rechargeable - USB connected inductive charger that provides up to 4 hours of play per charge. 
  • Eco-friendly - Rechargeable NiMH battery and recyclable packaging reduces your footprint.
  • 1-year warranty - Made to the highest quality standards and backed by dependable customer service.


Selecting Your Zumio

At the heart of every Zumio you’ll find the same long-lasting battery, pressure-sensitive assembly, and powerful motor that delivers exploration with rotation, not vibration – but that’s just half the story. What makes each model different is its unique stem and tip design:

Zumio X

  • Rotation Pattern: Circular
  • Stem: Long, straight, and slightly flexible
  • Tip: Medium sized sphere
  • The Result: A more intense experience and uniform feel when held at different angles

Zumio S

  • Rotation Pattern: Circular
  • Stem: Short, straight, and slightly flexible
  • Tip: Large sized sphere
  • The Result: A less intense experience and uniform feel when held at different angle

    Zumio E

    • Rotation Pattern: Elliptical
    • Stem: Long, curved and rigid
    • Tip: Small, round and slightly spoon-shaped
    • The Result: High-precision stimulation and variable feel depending on how it’s positioned



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