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  • SpareParts Deuce Magnum Double Hole Strap On Harness - Kink Store SpareParts Deuce Magnum Double Hole Strap On Harness - Kink Store

    SpareParts Deuce Magnum Double Hole Strap On Harness

    Deuce from SpareParts is the first harness designed especially for men! Deuce is a brilliant solution that allows you to continue love making in between erections, not to mention an excellent tool for double penetration. Two separate holes allow for the penis to extend through one and a toy to extend through the other, so there is no need to skip a beat when pleasuring your partner. An internal pocket holds a vibrator for extra stimulation, and a unique pouch comfortably cradles "the boys". Leg straps lightly cross over the perineum for added pleasure. Comfortable and completely adjustable, it can be worn for extended periods and makes is a great solution for men with erectile dysfunction. DEUCE™ OR DEUCE ™ MAGNUM: To determine if you or your partner requires a Deuce™ or Deuce Magnum™ product you will need to consider penis girth measurement. The Deuce™ is our the very first harness created especially for men Assist men in prolonging foreplay Brilliant alternative to continue love making in between erections Hand crafted and ethically manufactured Fantastic choice of harness for men who have erectile dysfunction Pouch comfortable cups the testicles (and penis if so wished), without resulting in bunching, chaffing, pinching or binding The versatility of the Deuce™ means it can be used with only the dildo or with the penis and a toy simultaneously for dual penetration and double the fun Adjustable leg straps and belt Leg straps that lightly cross over the perineum for additional pleasure Belt secured with Velcro and has second elastic pull feature that locks your product in place Locking mechanisms on the leg strap lets you move sliders into place, then the locking teeth hold the straps and harness securely Elastic and stretchy O-ring that expands and contracts to fit a variety of dildos Second opening below the O-ring designed to accommodate the natural girth of the wearer, acts like a soft cock ring The O and C-ring openings have two small flaps so the wearer can opt to have the dildo base against the skin or covered, have penis in or outside pouch or wear as normal jock strap underwear Option of placing a mini vibe in the flaps of first opening for vibrating pleasure No need to remove the Deuce™ to insert penis or a dildo through the O-ring; simply release the belt strap and pull pouch forward, or for smaller girth dildos (less than 1 1/2inch diameter) simply thread the base through the front of the O-ring Great for water play Nylon/Spandex  First hole: 1.25" to 2" Diameter - Second hole: 2" to 2.37" Diameter Size A:  - Waist belt 20 to 50 inches Size B:  - Waist belt 35 to 65 inches This item is not eligible for discounts.


  • SpareParts Tomboi Modal Brief Style Strap On Harness - Sex Toys SpareParts Tomboi Modal Brief Style Strap On Harness - Sex Toys

    SpareParts Tomboi Modal Brief Style Strap On Harness

    With a bold attitude and athletic cut, Tomboi harness briefs from SpareParts deliver a smooth shot of sex appeal and get right to the chase: let's do this. And it's hard to say no, because this bad boi smashes the very boundaries of pleasure, from the super-durable O-ring to the drive-'em-wild mini-vibe pockets. Tomboi slides on and off smoothly, without any chafing buckles, dangling straps, pinched skin, or other baggage to get in the way. Lightweight, breathable fabric means you can wear it all day long, and the hidden inside pocket stashes away anything from condoms to cash. The Modal is for those who prefer a cotton or more natural feeling fabric. Modal is better than cotton as it doesn't pile like Cotton, it also retains its color and has more bounce back then cotton does, nor does it stain the way cotton does. As for the main difference for users you can use modal in water environments but we don't recommend it as it will absorb water, whereas Nylon repels water. Turn up the pleasure. Two internal mini-vibe pockets (vibes not included) are stitched above and below the O-ring - just beyond bodily contact - to send the perfect pulse of pleasure to both partners. (It's good to be generous.) O ring measures 1.25 -2.25" diameter or 3.92-7.07" circumference.  Sizes and Measurements XS: 26"-28" S: 29"-32" M: 33"-37" L: 38"-40" XL: 41"-44" 2X: 45"-48" 3X: 49"-52"   This item is not eligible for discounts.


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